Aliases for note names

+1 from me.

Good idea. In fact, this FR could cover what I’m really missing: just Zettel IDs (YYYYMMDDHHMMss) for filenames, but being able to link to them using a title or, in this case, alias.

And for graphing or whatever other function, being able to choose which alias will be shown.

I think it’s really important that if an alias feature is added, that it is somehow implemented in a Markdown extension syntax in the original plain text files, as opposed to being chosen in some proprietary menu within Obsidian.

Otherwise, the links will all be broken in any other editor.


What does the #alias tag do for you? Just indicates you are referencing an alias note?

+1 for alias

I just can’t remember all of my page names and I don’t have that many notes. I also don’t want to have to worry about looking them up.

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@Mike Yes, that was the idea. Of course it is optional. I also like it in graph view or search - a quick visual cue to remind me that the alias exists. I’m still experimenting - I would be interested to know if there are any other ideas out there, and of course full support of some kind of alias system within a single file would be great.

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@ajparkme I have been using your approach for the past week but missed the #alias tag. One thing I like about your approach is that I can include other context in the alias note that shows in the link hover. A feature where you can just define aliases for the same note and use the alias for linking would not include this extra context.

But since your approach is always available having a feature for assigning aliases would be a plus.

I appreciate you sharing your approach it has been very helpful to me.

Thank you!

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On looking over the later half of the thread, a few things struck me:

  • There’s actually more than one request here. More than two. More than …
  • Some of the requests would be best served by an independent utility. (Focused development elsewhere, easier availability outside Obsidian).
  • Could be incorporated through a plugin - probably a better model than the devs acquiring a working code library and incorporating it in Obsidian’s code base (the usual practice for non-core features).
  • Some of the autosuggest-type suggestions have the potential to be severely irritating, even for those who want them.

+1 for this!!!

+1 This would be super helpful.

For example, when researching vitamins, Vitamin B1 and Thiamine are the same thing. But when taking notes I would like to be able to fluidly link [Vitamin B1] and [Thiamine] and have both land on the same page.


+1 here. This is basically the only feature missing that’s stopping me from rating this app 10/10 (although Android app will be awesome when it comes I’m sure).

So many times I have to do [[Things|Thing]] or [[Other Thing|Other Things]] or even [[Super Duper Thing|Thing]] I wish this was already a feature or a plugin.

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Yep, another +1 for this. Absolutely critical.

Also I second the proposal of setting up aliases in the front matter. Brilliant.

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Hi @mrweckx, might you possibly be working on converting this script into a plugin? I would certainly ‘but you a coffee’ if it came to be. I suspect I would not be alone.

Just wondering, could this be done better through dictionary of aliases of sorts, which will help to keep links in notes shorter?


I am creating notes using my Polish language. Our grammar and language rules cause that we use a lot of forms for words. Now I need to add [[main_phase | some text]] almost to all my notes. If I can have a possibility to link all “some texts” to the main phase it would be wonderful


Right?! Two or three names for the same thing is the case with practically everything in medicine/biochemistry. Depending on the context, each specific name seems to fit better.

Hi guys, sorry I wasn’t really activate on the forum.
We could make this a plugin the only thing I may need is a conversation with someone used to the api so we adapt the python code to the elements already present or for aesthetic purposes.
Does anyone know someone willing to colaborate and with some basic .ts or .js and api knowledge? Everything for free ofc.


I have almost no idea of how you pretend to make implementation through plugin, but I feel that this should be implemented within Obsidian core, because of Graph visualisations, backlinks management and so on.

This is only a fast impression from myself, but (hopelessly) I can be wrong.


No, I agree. This is central to linking and very helpful for multilingual vaults. DEVONthink has it as a feature and it’s the last thing I envy this app over Obsidian :slightly_smiling_face:

Way beyond my skill set, I’m afraid - I was merely dreaming (I want the moon on a stick!)