Aggregate all todos in one view

Todos in One View

As we create many todos (- [x]) across many notes, many todos will get lost somewhere, making it harder to get things done (especially when todos have different timings – scheduled for future, etc.)

Proposed solution

It’d be great to have a unified view of all todos across all notes in one view.

Grouped by notes of course. It’s super useful!


Searching for “- [ ]” does that for me. Specially with embedded search.

"- [ ]"

Just found this handy little extension. It does everything in a much more convenient way. GitHub - larslockefeer/obsidian-plugin-todo

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You could also use the DataView plugin for this:

from ""

Caveat: It can currently not filter out completed tasks, though that’s on the roadmap.

Output will look something like this:


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