After running obsidian.exe, the graphical interface does not appear

Steps to reproduce

In the windows operating system, double-click obsidian.exe or run obsidian.exe as an administrator

Expected result

The obsidian graphical interface appears

Actual result

The obsidian GUI does not appear.However, three obsidian processes will temporarily appear in the process list for a very short time, and soon those three processes will disappear.


windows operating system version:22621.1702

Additional information

(1) Joplin had the same problem.
(2) Before this problem occurred, I had installed Evernote (Chinese version), which has been uninstalled now.
(3) I have tried to reinstall obsidian many times.
(4) This situation has not occurred in other applications

I see some contradiction here… :thinking:

If the problem used to occur for Joplin as well, then it is quite unlikely to be an obsidian bug…

Moved to Help because it’s unlikely to be a bug.

Were you able to use Obsidian before, or has it done this since you first installed it?

I don’t know what that Windows version number means. If you’re on a version of Windows that Microsoft no longer supports (like Windows 7 or Windows 8), Obsidian won’t run anymore.

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