After import (Evernote > Yarle > Obsidian), some images not shown

What I did

  • Export notes from the Evernote application on OSX
  • Process notes using the Yarle program
  • Drag the output folders to my vault


It all looked good, notes were there, tags were OK, etc.


Some images are not shown, instead I see something like this:

Or in edit mode:

The strange thing is that this file exists, in the right folder:

Also, this happens only in some notes, other imported notes show the images just fine. The same goes for embedded PDF’s, at least most of them show up fine

I know…

…similar issues can be found in this forum, but I’ve yet to find a solution. And most are slightly different to mine.

Any ideas?

Have you tried running the ‘Check vault consistent’ command in the Consistent attachments and links plugin? This will give you a full report of the status of all links and may help identify the problem.
Also what version of Yarle did you use?

Thanks for that, I didn’t know this plugin yet. Works a treat and really helps.

And I used the lastest Yarle version, fresh download, on Ubuntu

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