After autoupdate, Obsidian doesn't relaunch after clicking "Relaunch" (Linux)

Steps to reproduce

  • Using an outdated version of Obsidian, go to Settings → About → Check for Updates

  • When the update is ready, click Relaunch

  • Obsidian closes, but does not relaunch. (But when relaunched manually, it works fine.)

Expected result

  • Clicking a button called “Relaunch” relaunches the program. (Otherwise the button should be titled “Exit and Apply Update” or something)

Actual result

Clicking the “Relaunch” button just closes the program


  • Operating system: Linux (AppImage)

  • Obsidian version: v0.11.5 → updated to v0.11.9 (Installer version v0.10.6). Same issue also occurred during at least the two other most recent updates.

I know it’s a very minor issue, but still wanted to report it. Thank you for this amazing software!

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next time see if you get errors in console (cltrl-shift-i)