After a QuickAdd Capture, open a third file

Back from vacation, I’m just starting to use QuickAdd. And so far, the plugin seem to help a lot with my workflows. Thanks a lot, @Christian!

But there is one thing I’ve been able to figure out on my own:

During my workdays, I write all my meeting notes in my daily note. When I wrap things up in the afternoon, I go over my daily note, mark all text about a specific meeting and then run a QuickAdd Capture to create a new note for that specific meeting, open that note in a new pane for some final touches and also creates a link to that file from my daily note.

What I also do is to open the project note to which that specific meeting relates to and create a link to the meeting note there as well.

I wonder if there is a way to make that last part at least semi-automatic as well. What I would want is a popup window where I could select from a few pre-defined projects and have that project note opened in a third pane while at the same time the file name for the note created by QuickAdd is stored in my computers clipboard so that I easily can insert it in the project note as well.

I hope that make sense to you – and that there is a way this can be achieved, perhaps with QuickAdd’s Macros?

Hey! I’m glad you find QuickAdd useful for your workflows. :slight_smile:

What you ask should be possible, especially if you create a user script to do so (for the clipboard part).

I am not sure what your vault setup is, so my answer will be more generic. I hope it is clear nevertheless.

Probably the easiest way to do it is to create another Capture to capture to the project note. It should spawn a suggester, in which you select the path to your projects. So in your capture path, you’d write something like:


That would spawn a suggester which looks like this:

And since I assume you have the meeting note open, you could use the {{LINKCURRENT}} format syntax in your capture format to link to the currently open page - the meeting note.

Hope this helps!


Excellent, I’ll do some testing based on this and report back here!

So, a few questions:

My projects notes are located in a few different folders. Could the suggester handle path names, with spaces like

{{VALUE:Project Path 1/Project1,Project Path 2/Project2,Nested/Project Path 3 Project3}}.md

I can’t find a way to get that to work.

Secondly, yes, the meeting note that I create is opened in the settings for the Capture. But is there a way to make it the active pane as well? Otherwise, I have to to this in to steps, right? First invoking the QuickAdd that moves the meeting notes from my Daily Note into the meeting note, then selecting the meeting note and finally invoke a second QuickAdd capture that created a link to the current note in one of the projects note I add to the selector.

Third, and not really related to this question: I use {{VALUE}} in the capture format settings. But what I really want is different parts of the selected text in various parts of the created note. In Drafts on iOS, you can select specific lines in the content. For QuickAdd, that would be something like {{VALUE[1]}} for the first line, {{VALUE[2-]}} for the second line and all following ones and {{VALUE[-3]}} for everything up until line three. Is that something you are considering?

{{VALUE:Project Path 1/Project1,Project Path 2/Project2,Nested/Project Path 3 Project3}}.md
This seems to work fine for me. Does it give you any error messages?

Currently, it can’t focus the opened pane. So yes, the steps you describe would the required. It’d be great to have the feature though, so I’ll add it to my list :slight_smile:

That’s a great suggestion! You’d be able to do it right now using some script magic, but would be much easier with the syntax you wrote.

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