Advantage of using brackets in YAML frontmatter

Does it make any substantial difference if I format the YAML frontmatter metadata in one of the following styles?

(a) category: cool
(b) category: [cool]
(c) category: [[cool]]

I can’t find any resources on this topic on my own. So if you could provide an explanation and/or a documentation to read, I would be grateful.

(If that’s helpful for context: I’m parsing the metadata using dataview.)

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Thanks for asking this. I’ve been wondering the same thing.

(b) category: [cool] is the format for an inline list.

(c) category: [[cool]] isn’t anything, or is a list with extra brackets.

The official YAML documentation is hard to read, but Wikipedia summarizes the syntax: YAML - Wikipedia

Thanks @CawlinTeffid for the answer!

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