Advanced Tables Plugin

Hi, is there a way to have all formulas within a file evaluated at once? And maybe even by a trigger-event like switching from edit mode to view mode?

I’m trying to get the following table with calculations to work

| date       | activity             | duration |
| ---------- | -------------------- | -------- |
| 25-08-2021 | Activity 1           | 15       |
| 12-10-2021 | Activity 2           | 65       |
| 22-10-2021 | Activity 3           | 50       |
| 01-11-2021 | Activity 4           | 135      |
|            | Total in minutes     |          |
|            | Total in hours       |          |
<!-- TBLFM: @>$3=sum(@[email protected]) -->
<!-- TBLFM: @>$3=(@-1/60) -->

But I run into the following problem.
If I place the cursor in the third column of the second last row and press the ‘fx’ button, it just returns a 0 in the third column of the last row.
I can’t get it to calculate the two fields concurrently.

Any ideas how to get this working would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Plugin options do not appear on the mobile version. Also, impossible to add quick actions “go to next cell”, “go to next row”, they don’t even appear in command panel.

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I think I’ve just found the issue you’re mentioning. It doesn’t have anything to do with the plugin. You need to escape the | symbol via backslash: \| since table syntax uses | symbols.


I started using the Advanced Tables Plugin today and I opened the “open tables control toolbar” (Cntrl + Shift + D). My question is how do I close it when I done using it?

Thanks in advance,


The Table Controls Toolbar is part of the standard Sidebar. Therefore, you can close it with the command or a shortcut, for the sidebar.

Thank you!

Typing / editing a long text inside a cell is a nightmare : are there any plans to finally support having several lines in a cell row ? We could use shift + enter to get a new line in a cell.

I read a few months ago it was not possible, but this is really needed from UX standpoint.

Current workaround (using <br>) is cumbersome and do not alleviate the pain of editing a long text in a table.

Would love to know how people deal with long text inside a cell row, because currently it’s unusable.

Thanks !


Any plan to implement the shortcuts that are lacking from mte-kernel ? I’m typically thinking about these:

Key Command
Ctrl-Enter Escape
Ctrl-Left Move Left
Ctrl-Right Move Right
Ctrl-Up Move Up
Ctrl-Down Move Down
Shift-Ctrl-Left Align Left
Shift-Ctrl-Right Align Right
Shift-Ctrl-Up Align Center
Shift-Ctrl-Down Align None
Alt-Shift-Ctrl-Up Move Row Up
Alt-Shift-Ctrl-Down Move Row Down
Alt-Shift-Ctrl-Left Move Column Left
Alt-Shift-Ctrl-Right Move Column Right
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I have a large table where the number of rows changes every couple of days. I need a line at the bottom that has the number of rows. nothing else. if there are 125 rows, it tells me 125, if there are 75 rows, it tells me 75. I cannot find this simple request anywhere. please help

I’m using this plugin and loving it for making simple table.

But I’m having trouble with formulas.

This is the table i’m building:

I want to sum all the value on the 6th column, from 2nd to 6th row. So the formula I use is:

<!-- TBLFM: @>$>=sum(@2$>[email protected]$>) -->

but it doesn’t seem to work: nothing appears on the last column last row.

It seems also that I’m unable to active the formula button. What should happend when I click it?

Any suggestion? Thanks.

Obsidian 1.0 broke advanced tables. I copied all of the examples from his gethub page and none of his examples work anymore