Advanced Slides - Create markdown-based reveal.js presentations in Obsidian

I havn’t used advanced slides in a while and can’t find the export to HTML functionality where it was prior to the Obsidian updates. Where do I find it?

Open slide preview, then click on the three vertical dots.

Finally found out that I couldn’t find the HTML functionality because the three vertical dots where not displayed due to ‘Show title bar’-Option in the Obsidian Appearance Settings being turned off…

Just started trying to learn advanced slides, very neat, but i have two questions i couldnt find in the documentation:

  1. on backgrounds a link sugests more options from the reveal.js but i dont understand how to translate/apply reveals syntax in the plugin. For example i got interested in the linear and radial gradients but all my blind attempts didnt work

  2. Is there any way to use a local external image as background? I mean outside of the vault. I know local images work with markdown syntax for embedding but couldnt figure out how to write for background

Also at least for me local images(not in the vault) arent rendering at all, neither on the preview nor the browser…

I created my slides as follow:
Presentation folder
- imagefolder
- reference doc

when I export, the images are not exported and the link in the index.html point to the path to the original image folder.

So it is still not possible to export with images with this plugin.

Did I miss other settings?