Advanced Slides - Create markdown-based reveal.js presentations in Obsidian

Hey, thank you for this great plug in!

I just discover that for me it isnt possible to create website links on the slide.

both with html and the obsidian way doesnt work in my case.

does someone face the same problem?

Yeah, i’ve implemented so much features into Advanced Slides that by the time i even forget that they exist. Therefore i thought that it was time for a auto complete feature that reminds me of them :wink:

Can you provide me an example? I’ve tested Hyperlinks as described at Links — Advanced Slides Documentation and all worked as expected

Today I released version 1.11.0.


Support for Obsidian Charts:

Embed Slides into Obsidian Note:

:rocket: Features

  • feature: added support for Charts
  • feature: Embeding of Slides into Obsidian Notes
  • feature: added syntax suggestion for embedding slides
  • feature: By default auto completion is only active when slide preview is active. This behavior could be changed in Advanced Slides settings

:bug: Fixes

  • bugfix: mix in label types causes errors
  • bugfix: embedded slides may point to wrong file
  • bugfix: charts. rendered too big

:books: Documentation

  • docs: added Documentation on Charts
  • docs: added documentation on embedding Slides
  • docs: enhanced documentation on templates

I, too, thank you for this incredible plugin. Since I present from my Android (GrapheneOS) phone, I need to export this as a pdf. In the preview menu (3 dots), I see “Export as html,” but I don’t see any option for pdf. Am I missing something?
(Advanced Slides v1.12.7; Obsidian v0.14.6; Linux Mint 19.2.)

Thank you for this awesome plugin. I’m working on re-building out company-slides (Powerpoint) in Obsidian with your plugin and I was wondering, if you could share the *.md-files of the minml demo?

Simply use Print Presentation Option in Advanced Slides Menu. It will open an Chrome Browser and use it for Printing. Chrome by default has a PDF Printer included which could be used for pdf export

I’ve included the source of minml in Advanced Slides Showcases

Thank you so much. This helps a lot in learning.

Great work on the plugin, do you have any plans to make it mobile compatible? I use Obsidian first and foremost with my Ipad and would love to be able to make & show presentations without a laptop.

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Yes. Truly amazing plug in. I would also love to see this plug in running on the iPad. Thanks!

just need this, thanks

I’m trying to use these custom themes, but don’t know how to manage to

Add 4 divs to your HTML page:
    <div class="line top"></div>
    <div class="line bottom"></div>
    <div class="line left"></div>
    <div class="line right"></div>

Is this even possible after all?

You could use them by referencing the url of the css file the theme is based on in the theme property of the frontmatter. An example of this is documented in the Themes section of Advanced Slides documentation (Themes — Advanced Slides Documentation)

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Thank you for the plugin! It’s really great.

I’m wanting some advice about using the plugin for a conference and I’m unsure how best to use the ‘export as HTML’ feature.

Is it better to save the exported content to a USB? Could there be any issue with compatibility? I don’t think so because HTML is HTML, isn’t it?

Also, I have my own blog and was thinking of uploading the exported content to a new folder for the conference (in case I forget my USB) so I could then just enter my blog URL/newfolder/index.html to play? I’ve tried this but my cPanel prevented me from uploading folders, which are part of the exported content and I don’t want the CSS folder to override the CSS for my blog.

Thank you, in advance, for sharing your thoughts/experiences.

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this plugin is really great and helpful for me.
But I’ve meet a problem.
When I add note to slide builded with template, the last element in template will not correctly rendered.

For example, I use the following template

<% content %>

<grid drag="100 6" drop="bottom">
<% footer %>

and my slide is

<!-- slide template="[[tpl-footer]]" -->

# This header will be part of the content section defined in the template

Everything define outside a block will be placed in the content section.
Therefore every template has to contain at least a content variable.

To place a text into the footer section you have to create a block comment with the name of the variable you defined in the template.

::: footer
#### This header will be placed in the footer section of the template

note: this is note

the footer element will not correctly rendered

Is there any way to avoid this situation?


Well i would suggest to use github pages for presentation storage. In my setup i’ve created a git repository in my Advanced Slides export folder. After exporting a new Presentation i commit the changes to github. In this case you could access your slides everywhere from the internet for free.

Otherwise it’s completly okay to export them as html files to an usb stick or even as pdf file. But make sure that you dont lose your md sources otherwise you wont be able to edit your slides anymore.

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Nice find, will fix this bug with 1.15

Is there are repo somewhere with hosted slide templates?

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I came here just after that. I’m still learning to use Obsidian. I found this plugin excellent. For me, looking at examples is always a good way to speed up this learning process.

I’ve added a Learn more section with a curated list of examples i found useful for people that gets into Advanced Slides


Is there a way to change the font size? I was going to create a css file but didn’t know if the reveal properties for the Slides core plugin would affect the Advanced Slides plugin.