Addressbook:// Links on macOS

More a little feature than a bug. If I use Link like [Test Person](addressbook://8644A04D-6FB4-4F3E-B228-EBAAA83D6686:ABPerson) which are created by the great app Hook on macOS it is not clickable. If I copy/paste the link i.e. into a browser it works fine.

please follow the template

have you tried using [test](addressbook://xx)


This link

[Bill Gates](addressbook://DAEBFBA7-5D8A-48C1-91D6-607063EBF969:ABPerson)

in markdown documents in iA Writer, DEVONthink, etc., successfully launches macOS Contacts with the focus on that contact.

Clicking the link in Obsidian has no result as reported above bay @pluralog.

Anyone figure out how to get this to work? The links will work in Typora am iA Writer. Would be great if these links would work in Obsidian.

I believe there is a bug using the address:/// syntax

I have been trying to figure this out all evening. I did find the third slash would make it open. The problem I was having is if you open the link

[Bill Gates](addressbook:///DAEBFBA7-5D8A-48C1-91D6-607063EBF969:ABPerson)

Then try to open other contact links i.e.

[Melinda Gates](addressbook:///BDDAHJP9-6F7B-62C4-99F8-706630FBE696:ABPerson)

The contact link using the address:/// syntax Contacts does not switch to the proper persons contact information? It will open Bill Gates. It appears to get stuck on the first location and does not work on additional links?

I did find using a .hook file for the contact then copying the Biil Gates.hook as a MD link which uses the syntax file:/// syntax with a path to the hook file works and opens the correct contact information. Extra step but at least it works consistently from my test so far. Any thoughts on this? Thx

Sorry; I was wrong. Deleted.

Try [Bill Gates](addressbook://DAEBFBA7-5D8A-48C1-91D6-607063EBF969%3AABPerson)

Changing the :to %3 does make the contact link open with 2 //. However if I click a 2nd contact link it still opens contacts to the 1st contact link.

If I create a new 3rd contact link and paste into my Obsidian note and click on it, it will open the 3rd contact link. But then if I go back and click on contact 1 or contact 2 links contacts opens to contact 3. :thinking: