Additional syntax for fomatting with css or plugins lik latex?

First, in my opinion Obsidian is awesome Progrm for knowledge base and is only in Beta version by now as I’m informed correctly. So when the first release coms it will be surely outstanding!!!

Things I have tried

I installed many top rated community PlugIns like adminimal, or metaedit that comes near to what I expects.

e.g.: Admonition works with code. When it is rendered it looks as what I’m expected but it is just code and not block.

What I’m trying to do

Obsidian works with MD and brings an API form PlugIns with it as well known.
My aim ist to construct a wellformed Knowelge base from Books, Tutorials, lerningstuff and so on. I would like produce kinds of Blocks - NOT CODE - or Meta Reference that dosn’t integrated in Obsidian yet unfortuinalely.

So is there an other way to self develope a css with a tag like

p .warning {
  /* styles */
%% Block %%

I look forward to readmany answeres :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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