Adding text in every note

Is it possible to add a text in every existing note or in a list of selected notes?

Something like Sublime Text’s global search/replace is great for this.

yes, global search/replace with regex would be a killer feature


No need to add it here though, since Obsidian just operates on normal files and folders and so many other apps and tools already do this well.

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That’s the point of using obsidian: you want to work in this environment, and not to look for other solutions.
Global replace is requested by many users, e.g. Rename and Delete tags (renaming and deleting tags)

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No, the point of Obsidian is that it adds amazing capabilities to plain text files. Any application that tries to ‘do everything’, always just ends up being a buggy mess.


it’s not “everything” . Global replace is an important feature. A lot of people here say that removing/changing tags is important for them. Global replace is the solution

I am not saying that this specific thing shouldn’t be a feature, but there are plenty of apps that do it well today. My comment was directed at:

I do not agree with this mindset. All features have a cost in software, some are worth it, others are not. In my opinion (which may be wildly different than the opinion of the Obsidian developers), the core killer features, and the overall application stability should be the priority.


sure, I understand that.
But the older and bigger people’s vaults will get, there will be a growing need for a feature allowing change in all of the notes (e.g. reformatting).

+1 for global find/replace – it was also requested here.

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