Adding text after an image - iOS app?

I am struggling adding text after an image on the iOS Obsidian app.
As an example, lets say I have a note and the last part of the note is an image.
I would expect that if I tap on the blank area after the image, that I could then add text (or whatever else) after the image.
However this appears not to do anything.
I find it almost impossible to find the text which references the image too.

Any pointers as to what I might be doing wrong?

I am using iOS 16.1.1 on an iPhone 14 pro max with the latest Obsidian.


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Until someone comes up with a better solution, I either:

  1. Enter several extra returns, add an image above the returns, and then can select one of the returns below the image easily.
  2. If I have forgotten to do that, I tap on the three-button icon on the top right of the note and toggle source mode on. That way I only see plain text and can get to the end of the line where the image has been inserted. I then enter some returns to create space below the image.
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