Adding template into a non-active page

What I’m trying to do

I have topic pages and diary pages. I would like to add a section in a topic page then run a template (or something else, I’m open to ideas…) and have the section from the topic page be mirrored at the bottom of today’s diary page.

Things I have tried

At present I:

  • Add a section to my diary page with the link to the topic page
  • Navigate to my topic page
  • Add a template that mirrors the content of the relevant section on my diary page
  • Return to my diary page and add content.

The template I use:

> ## [<%"yyyy-MM-DD-ddd") %>](0%20Misc/00%20Misc/00.00%20Daily%20notes/<%"yyyy-MM-DD-ddd") %>.md#📝%20Notes)
> ```quoth
> path: [[0 Misc/00 Misc/00.00 Daily notes/<%"yyyy-MM-DD-ddd") %>#[<%*  let j_map = tp.user.getJohnnyDecimal(tp, tp.file.folder());
> 	tR += `${j_map.get('title')}` + " [" + `${j_map.get('jd')}` + "]"; %>](<%* tR += tp.user.getRelativeURI(tp); %>.md)]]
> display: inline
> ranges: after "md)"
> ```

This is backwards to how I want things to work. I want to add content to my topic page and have it mirrored on my diary page, but the reason I haven’t set it up like this is I can get the title of the current active page on the topic page, but I can’t automagically get the name of the topic page, if I am currently on my diary page.

What I would like is to be able to run a template from the topic page and have that template add a section to the bottom of today’s diary page rather than to the currently active topic page.

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