Adding tags after note creation

I know the title sounds stupid but let me explain:

I have been using Obsidian for about 2 months to take notes for university and have a total of about 400 now.

Because I only discovered tags just now, I was wondering if there is a way to color code the notes from certain courses in graph mode without adding a tag in every single note.

Thanks for your help!

For this reason I used a time ago regular expressions to find the last line of the note and replace it with a new line and a tag.

So, in Notepad++ it would look like this:

Using in combination with “Replace in Files” it’s very powerfull when applying on all files in a directory.

Don’t forget to backup your files first.

Thank you so much! What do the letters after the backslash mean? Is there a list?

\z - last character in the note. Could also be a blank.

\n\r - line break followed by #YourDesiredTag #WhatEver

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