Adding / removing tags from notes' frontmater in batch

Hello Obsidian community,

Yesterday I needed to add tags in batch to all notes within a folder. I didn’t find a plugin for it, so I wrote some python code to do the job. You can find it on my github.

  • Is there already a plugin I could use that does that ? If so please let me know
  • Are there other python users that have built some util functions around Obsidian ? Happy to share / join forces


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Hi, nice job.

I had need of something like this a few days ago and came across python-frontmatter which seems to do something similar. Not sure if you had seen it or had a comment on the differences between the two?


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Thanks @alastair, this looks indeed very similar, I wouldn’t have coded it if I had found this before :slight_smile:

I plan to add more features to my toolbox. I think I’ll replace my frontmatter-handling code with this, add it as a dependency :+1:

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