Adding Pdfs

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What I’m trying to do

Moving my evernote docs file to Obsidian. Found Importer from Evernote - works a treat. Built up mainly document filing system. All good.
Have many other pdf’s I want to store in this filing system.
After much searching under import & pdfs etc (better import of pdf’s plugin no longer working) etc by chance found method below

Things I have tried

create a note, give it a title,
new line type " ! " and drop pdf file after that.

works fine but I find list of the pdf’s at the bottom of my vault
as well as in the folder I set the note up in

If I delete the pdf at the bottom the note is also deleted

I am almost how I wanted but not quite
Any help ??

You can drag a PDF into a note, it will ![[embed.pdf]] it, and add it to your vault.

You can also drag it into your vault like this:

For where the actual PDF (or other file type) ends up, in Settings > Files & Links, you can set the Default location for new attachments to tuck attachments away into a folder so they don’t show up in the root of your vault.

thanks for your replies and help
I can’t seem to get this to work consistently
sometimes it works and then another time it doesn’t and I can’t see why
its too complicated
I give up …

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