Adding number of instances of a word or phrase found in a note to "Search file"

Use case or problem

I’m trying to find the number of times I wrote a specific word or phrase in a single note.

Proposed solution

I think this feature could easily be implemented in the current “search file” (CTRL + F) or “search & replace” (CTRL + H) function for finding instances of a word or phrase in a note. It would just need to also count how many instances it finds and display it on-screen.

Current workaround

The ways I currently see to do this are:

  • Using the current “search file” menu via CTRL + F and going from instance to instance manually, counting until I reach the bottom of the note.
  • Copy-pasting the note into Microsoft Word or another program and finding the number of counts from there.
  • Creating a program in python or another programming language that auto-counts (I’m not very experienced in programming myself though so I have not tried this yet)

I am looking for something like this. I want to know how many times I used a word in a document. Have you found a solution to this?

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Hi, unfortunately I have not found a solution to this yet. The closest thing I have found is the Better Word Count plugin, but that only returns the number of words and characters in a single highlight, not number of specific words or phrases in a document. Otherwise I’ve been primarily using the workaround of copy-pasting into Microsoft Word or exporting to PDF whenever I’ve needed to find number of instances.


I would like to echo a request for this feature. As a writer (not wanting to repeat the same word too often) it would be handy to search a note and see how many occurrences of that word are present.

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+1; Should(?) be a really easy addition to the “find” function, as well as possibly the global search, is to simply display the number of results.