Adding flag to overdue tasks?

I am trying to visually mark a task as overdue in DataviewJS. My code adds a ‘red flag’ for tasks that are overdue, but I can’t complete these tasks. I assume because the text of the task doesn’t match the actual tasks.

Any ideas on how to do mark tasks as overdue other than creating a separate dataview section with only overdue tasks?

Thank you!


let pages = dv.pages().file.tasks

for (let i = 0; i < pages.length; i++) {
 if (moment(pages[i].datum, "DD-MM-YYYY").isBefore(moment(), "day")) {
pages[i].text = "🚩 " + pages[i].text

My suggestion (in DQL, because JS isn’t my ground) is to group the tasks (overdue vs in time). For example (considering due as an inline field in task text):

WHERE !completed AND due
GROUP BY choice(due < date(today), "🚩 overdue", "🟢 in time") AS abc


I believe this method would not individually highlight tasks with a flag? That is actually what I was looking for.

Hi. That’s why I started my post with “suggestion”, not “solution” (because sometimes we don’t have “solutions”, only “alternatives”).

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