Adding additional undo hotkey

Is there a way to add an additional hotkey to undo?
I looked through all the hotkeys but it is not listed.
When I change my language the shortcut no longer works and I have to keep switching to ENG in order to undo. Other shortcuts work on both languages which is very strange.

Obsidian uses the operating system’s commands for undo and copy/paste. CNTRL + Z is thus a global command. It works on my non-English keyboard as well. If your keyboard is Cyrillic, this function must be mapped to some corresponding letter in the alphabet and a quick search on the internet will yield the answer.

You can also install the Editing Toolbar plugin and use the undo and redo (CNTRL + Y) buttons from there and can also map the hotkey from that plugin to CNTRL + Z like I did:


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