Adding a Recurring Annually Section to Daily Notes via regex query

Not the most elegant solution, but it works. Thought I’d share just in case some other newbie out there is trying to figure out a similar thing.

In my Daily Notes template I added the following search query to display recurring notes for Today and for this month.

All my notes include the date, either in the filename or in the text.
The date format is YYYYMMDD (e.g., 19981230)
I use a tag called #annual

For recurring events today:

tag:annual /^[0-9]{4}{{date:MMDD}}/


/ begin regex, ^ starts with, [0-9]{4} 4 digits 0-9 (so any year), {{date:MMDD}} followed by today’s month and day, / end regex (although this doesn’t seem to be required for it to work)

For recurring events this month (excluding today)

tag:annual /^[0-9]{4}{{date:MM}}/ -/^[0-9]{6}{{date:DD}}/ 

Same as above, but adds an exclusion

Explanation of exclusion

- exclude / begin regex, ^-0-9]{6} item starts with 6 digits, and ends with today’s date {{date:DD}}, / end regex

I would love my 2nd query to be Upcoming in the next 7 days instead, or to at least exclude everything before today’s date for this month, but I haven’t figured out how to do that.

Note: I’m a complete regex (and Obsidian) newbie, so I will probably not be able to answer any questions if you need to modify anything to suit your own purposes. You would have to hope that the experts wander in.