Add Yarle template feature (for Evernote .enex imports)

Has it been considered to expose the template feature of the Yarle importer? I am importing Evernote .enex files and I like that feature. Using Yarle the default templatehas a few options but only the first 2 git filled for me:

{created-at-block}Created at: {created-at}._{end-created-at-block}
{source-url-block}Source URL: []({source-url})._{end-source-url-block}

which results in

Created at: 2020-11-19._
Last updated at: 2020-11-19._

Does anyone know what the idea of the ._ in between the tag elements resulting in them being at the end like this?

Have you looked at the Importer plugin? (It’s a community plugin but it’s by the Obsidian team.) It uses Yarle but I don’t know the details because I haven’t needed to import from Evernote.

I used the imported plugin prior to writing this ticket! Sorry if that was not clear. It does not use template:

Have you tried deleting them from the template?

Also, this is easily cleaned up with a vault-wide regex search and replace (outside of Obsidian).

@gino_m I think you are speaking about the Yarle template as the plugin does not have one. Of course I can remove them form the template. I am just trying to understand whey they are there.

Fair enough.
Let me know if you need help with any cleanup.

OK, I wasn’t sure. If you’re suggesting a change to the Importer plugin, you should post it as an issue on the plugin’s GitHub. This category is for proposing new plugins.

Ah, sorry I did not realise. I created Add Yarle template feature · Issue #86 · obsidianmd/obsidian-importer · GitHub

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fyi, they agreed they were unneeded and removed them Template tags result in dot underscore at end · Issue #507 · akosbalasko/yarle · GitHub

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