Add widget to obsidian link on phone app screen

Hi all,
If I wanted to have a quick link to a specific note on my phone home screen, anyone know how I’d do that ?

If you are on iOS, you can combine

  • the Advanced URI plugin (to generate the URI to open the note)
  • iOS Shortcuts app (“Open URLs” action + “Add to Home Screen”)
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You can also use built-in Obsidian URI protocol and this URL encoder tool. We are waiting to get better user support to using the built-in URI protocol. For example native feature to generate urls for searches (similar to bookmarking searches). This is very important feature because properties (that can statically stay on the right) can contain links and search bar on the left is static which enables the user to navigate between several notes. This is very powerful workflow and makes bookmarks less useful.

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How are these any different from just using a shortcut “open URL” and pasting the Obsidian link? It seems to pull up the page just fine.

What does advanced URI (@ush) or the encoder (@blue_emperor) do different than just the obsidian:// link?

It depends what you mean by Obsidian link. What process do you follow to obtain the link that you are talking about. My workaround using the URL encoder tool includes generating urls for searches. I tested sandbox vault and obviously there is a feature to “copy Obsidian URL” when right clicking notes. This is different from using Advanced URI plugin or my workaround. Most notably you can generate links to blocks using Advanced URI: copy URI for current block command. Most of the time you will be generating URIs manually to get more control, for instance when you want to append clipboard data to your note (&mode=append&clipboard=true).

I literally copy the obsidian:// and have shortcut to open to my inbox, reading list etc.

I don’t use any URI to script shortcuts for addendums, I just use native iOS shortcuts to make/addend text files since obsidian reads them. Then I don’t have to worry about using other schemes it’s all iOS native (and happens to be read fine by obsidian).

This is how I make a daily note and have it stored in my file structure without needing uri.

And here is my homepage shortcut to get to my inbox in the app

Is there something else that can be done that I am not already doing? Seems like the URI might allow more scripting, but basic new file/addendum, or opening notes this is all overkill.

Wow! I came to the forum to find out if there’s a way to link an Apple Calendar event to a note in Obsidian, and the first topic I see in the forum is this one! Five minutes’ reading later and I have it set up. Thanks, guys, for being here at exactly the right time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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