Add warning on installation if OS is not supported

Use case or problem

Newer versions of Obsidian do not work on older OS (for example, Windows 7). It is understandable, however it is causing a lot of confusion for users. When someone tries to install Obsidian on old system, they just get the weird message with a bug, that nobody understand. People end up going around, asking on forums and other places, trying to figure out, what is this bug and if it can be fixed. I personally had to explain it to people about 20 times, and I really belive the developers should do something about this.

Proposed solution

It would be really nice if Obsidian installer could check OS before installation and provide a CLEAR message if it is not supported. Something like: “Sorry, it is not possible to install current version of Obsidian on your OS. Try to upgrade your OS, or install this older version of Obsidian instead”. It would help to avoid so much confusion!

Current workaround (optional)

Right now people are just asking around again, and again, and again. It is not perfect.