Add URL icons in sidebar similar speed dial in browser


The advanced table plugin can show icon in pane sidebar.

It’s very convince that If use the same feature for switch open urls, bookmark urls, store urls.

The left sidebar has not enough space for more urls and mixed with plugin icons that we can’t quickly distinguish URLs or plugin .

If you know beam browser, might you got my idea . Why I need more urls.

It’s almost all informations we got from browser, right ?

The beam browser is taking notes within the browser ,Text, images, videos, Figma boards, Spotify…capture the whole web!

But I don’t need take note within Beam Browser , I had Obsidian.

I want to try combine browser within notes app (Obsidian) to reduce steps, speed up taking notes between browser and notes app(Obsidian).


The author of Custom frames had reject this idea, He said this is out of scope for what I want Custom Frames to be able to do. :smiling_face_with_tear: