Add tag or link to picture

Possibility to add tag or link to picture in folder.

For example i am sending a lot of hand Notability notes from my meetings to special folder in obsidian and would like if i could add tag to that file/image file or add link in it in editor.

Bear for example works like that and you can just continue to write in that file where is picture.

You can already embed pictures via markdown into any file, and then when in preview the image is rendered like in Bear, just use:

![[Name of Image]]

Yes, i know that but then i need to open new file and emb that picture file.

But with adding option of tags in picture i could just tag that picture to find something i need or with link make connections to this topic.

Oh, I get it now. I wonder how could they achieve that without creating new files in the process, perhaps using the metadata?

+1 on this. I’m linking these requests, not exactly the same, but generally about managing non-markdown files in Obsidian

hi, i had an idea about adding tags and posted it at the bottom of this page:

(im a bit new to these forums, and not sure if its best to link to a file i uploaded or to attach the actual file here too but just for completness i attach it here) -

Feature (920.3 KB)

(btw, if it is already attached on the other page, can i simply copy the uploaded link, and that link will never change? or what happens if that other page gets deleted or moved etc in the future, will my copied link stop working? - i’ll attach a fresh copy here to play safe :slight_smile: