Add some visual placeholder, when there is nested files embedding

Right now Obsidian preview displays only one level of file embedding and ignores any further levels. For example, I have a file which embeds a file which already has some embedding ( :sunglasses:):

first file:

This is an embedded file:


Line after embedded file.

second file:

This is a second level of embedding:


A line after embedded file.

Here it is how it looks like in Preview:

I propose to add some (visual) placeholder to illustrate there is nested file embedded:

Maybe display a file name? (Nested embedding: note2)


Ideal would be to just display the embeds, no?

A user is using an embed to visualize something, so no matter what context you want it seen right?

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Highly unlikely devs to add more than one level of embeds fearing the recursion issues.

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Oh, are there known issues with markdown apps being able to achieve this?

Maybe the user could specify how many levels to go down? It’s really useful to be able to display a “reasonable” (e.g. up to 5) number of levels of embedding. Otherwise, it seems that the user is left with no other option that to work with a flat hierarchy.