Add setting to collapse (or expand) Properties across all notes

Use case or problem

I have a lot of properties across notes. On mobile I have to scroll down a lot to see the actual note text

Proposed solution

Instead of the current hide “Properties” or make it “Visible” add a “Collapse” setting that, when selected, keeps the “Properties” collapsed across notes when they are opened. Still allows the user to expand and show the properties. Next note opened, they are collapsed.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

Got tired of searching and reading the many existing feature requests to see if one exists.


An option/toggle to auto collapse or expand would be appreciated.

An alternative would be a toggle for displaying them from the command palette.

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Yes both but first option to hide first please :hugs:

Yes, the properties default to unfolded currently. I have a hot key to toggle the fold properties but I have to use it all the time. It is MADDENING. Simply having an option in Settings | Editor | Properties of “Visible folded” would be fantastic!


YES, YES, YES! Fold the properties by default! Well, at least provide a setting to keep all properties folded until expanded.

I like having the properties quickly accessible at the top of a note…but I can’t stand seeing the whole list (even if just 1-2 propertites) every time I open a note. 99% of the time, I don’t need to see the properties. So I have them hidden now, but opening the sidebar is fiddly and editing the new syntax in source mode hasn’t clicked for me yet (dashes instead of commas is apparently a hard transition…)


It would be ideal solution for Android or iOS with lack of screen space and slow touch-interface.

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properties folded by default would be amazing

or maybe even better a checkbox in the editor menu to choose the fold behavior of properties

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