Add separate button for vault settings, so that we can open vaults with one tap, not two

Use case or problem

I switch vaults many times per day on iPad.

Every time I switch, the process is:

  1. Press the hot key I’ve assigned to open the Vault Switcher
  2. Tap the vault name
  3. Wait a second, then tap « Enter vault »

I would like to skip step (3).

Proposed solution

Currently at step (3) I am presented with three options:

A. Enter vault
B. Rename vault
C. Delete vault

It is extremely rare that I want to do operations (B) and (C).

I suggest you update the vault list to add a “Settings” button for each vault on the right hand side. If people tap the vault name, the vault can open immediately. In the rare cases where people want to do (B) or (C), they can tap the smaller “Settings” button.

Relatedly: I am a little bit scared by how easy it is to accidentally tap the “Delete vault” button at the moment. I’m seeing that button hundreds of times per month, and I have accidentally tapped it a few times. I’ve been saved by the “are you sure?” dialog, but unfortunately the button spacing on the “are you sure?” dialogs is not large enough, so I can easily imagine accidentally tapping “yes” rather than “no” one day, and actually deleting the vault.


I’d like to second the notion that it takes too many clicks to switch vaults on mobile. This would be a simple improvement.

However, it’s possible to remove one more tap from the process by copying how Slack treats servers:

  • Vaults are assigned in order to keyboard shortcuts like cmd-1, cmd-2. (modifiers may be necessary)
  • When swiping from the left, the vaults are enumerated vertically with icons. Tapping on them switches directly.
  • To delete vaults or rename them, you could long press on the item. Depending on the exact layout, you could imagine using a kebab menu or something similar instead.

One other alternative would be to show a native iOS contextual menu when holding the Vault button down, with the vaults listed. This could be a good balance between being quick to implement and fast to use.

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Yes, the Vaults menu prioritizes the actions that are used the least, and that Delete button worries me, too.

For the same reason, I think the “How to” and “new vault” buttons should go below the existing vaults. They’ll still be the first thing that new users see, but they’ll be out of the way for everyone else.