Add scrollbars to a large KanBan board

I’ve recently started trying to use the KanBan plugin to get an overview of projects in various areas, and I’ve run into an issue of having too many lanes so that they expand out of the designated workspace. And sadly enough no scrollbars are added into the view with the current CSS.

Here is an example view (with extra small areas) and with the corresponding CSS elements shown. The selected line is either the line or the next/preceding line to where I need to add some CSS.

As shown in the image the actual box of the KanBan board stretches behind the “new note” tab to the right of the board, and this is the part I would like to access through scrollbars in the blueish workspace.

I’ve tried with a little randomly placed “overflow: auto” here and there, but haven’t found the sweet spot. And I’m a little uncertain since this is a flexbox if it needs some additional trickery to get it working.

(On an unrelated side note; I’ve also tried and succeeded in making a little custom CSS to fold a lane by adding a tag to it, as can slightly be seen in the leftmost lane in the image… :slight_smile: )

So do you know how to add these scrollbars?

If need be, I could provide some sample data, but I reckon it’s not anything special about that, it’s just a little too much information so scrollbars are needed.

Did you end up working this out?

In my test Kanban here with no modifications, there’s a .kanban-plugin__scroll-container.kanban-plugin__horizontal and that seems to take care of the horizontal scrolling.

CleanShot 2024-04-06 at 12.42.15

It’s still an issue, at least I’m not seeing the scrollbar…

Fiddling around a little though, I can use Shift + scroll wheel on my mouse to scroll horizontally. I wonder if there is a keyboard shortcut for this also then, on my mac keyboard without Home/End keys…

And where has that scrollbar gone to hide itself?!

Forgive me if you’ve tried this already, but is the scrollbar there in a new vault? Maybe your theme and/or custom CSS is jamming things up?

Here’s in the Sandbox with only Kanban installed:

CleanShot 2024-04-07 at 07.08.59

Could you, @ariehen , explain to my thick head what the following option from Hider plugin does?

Boy, oh boy, do I feel stupid right now! A thousand thanks for helping me with this issue, albeit I’m kind of embarassed.

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