Add PDF Bookmarks as Outline in Obsidian Outline Plugin (Core)

Use case or problem


When focusing pdf in integrated pdf view the outline shows no entries, you can view the pdf bookmark outline of pdf’s in the pdf viewer itself (but needs to activly select it ever time).

Note that viewing the pdf bookmarks the current way they reduce the area reserved for the pdf file itself, which is not optimal as it may require rearanging the window spacing everey time it is opened.


Outline space turns effectively to “dead space” when PDF is the active view, promting to readjust pannels to reduce dead space,

Proposed solution

Note: Obsidian internal PDF editor as well as other pdf editors already treat bookmarks as outline for pdf files (see MuPDF, Okular, …).

Sol 1: Display Bookmarks as outline in “Outline” view of Outline Plugin

This would be my preferred solution as this will stay consistent with the expected behaviour of the Outline plugin for e.g. markdown files.

Sol 2: Keep outline of previously selected file when changing focus t pdf

This is not optimal but it will prevent rearrangement on focus switch to a pdf to reduce “dead space” of pannels.

Current workaround (optional)

Actively close pannels every focus change on pdf’s or use external pdf reader instead.

Related feature requests (optional)

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