Add paragraphs in multiple notes using tags

I would like to hire someone to build this plugin. I want to confirm that it’s possible. If you want to work on this, please let me know. If this is already possible, I would appreciate that to!

Use Case

When I’m taking notes in Obsidian, I often want to add the same information to multiple places.

For example, if I’m taking a daily note, I may want to include the same block in the next days note so I can remember to follow up.

I know that Dataview is capable of doing this, but it’s a bit cumbersome, and you can’t edit the note.

Transclusion is also cumbersome, and would take more time than just copying and pasting the item in the next days note.


When I add a tag to a paragraph, add the same text from that paragraph to other notes.

example: Remember this tomorrow #mike

Where to put it

Look for other notes in Obsidian that have a header that’s the same as a tag.

It would look for any header titled


It would place the paragraph in it with a link back to the original.
Ideally I could edit the text in either note and have it sync, but this isn’t 100% needed.

Time Boxing

If a header is formatted like this

Mike - 7d

Only copy in notes from the last 7 days. Any number of days can be added.