Add option to temporarily disable all CSS snippets

Use case or problem

When debugging in Obsidian, I need to see if an issue is in Obsidian or in plugins or in CSS before reporting the issue on Obsidian forum. I can easily disable all plugins by “safe-mode” but I have to manually disable/enable each css snippet individually. This complicates writing bug reports according to rules.

Proposed solution

In Settings/Appearance, add new option to disable(suspend) / enable all selected css snippets. This option should dot change setting of individual snippets so that we can re-enable previously selected set of snippets by one switch after analysis of the bug.


‟Safe mode” used to disable Third-party plugins


Edit 2021-08-02:
“obsidian.css” has been deprecated in Obsidian Release v0.12.12 (Insider build). The main request has been updated for current situation.

Obsolete proposal:
When opening the settings/appearance, detect whether “Obsidian.css” exists in root of the vault. If not, then do not intrude users by legacy option for “Apply custom CSS” but instead show option (checkbox/switch) to temporarilly disable all snippets at once.