Add option to determine the depth of recursive embedding for Markdown files

As the title says, is it possible to add an option to determine the depth (or just a YES/NO toggle) of recursive embedding for Markdown files?

And another feature request, please add a collapse icon for embedded markdown file in preview mode just as what has done to headers.


As for your second request, I think it is a great idea and may be the solution that helps with an issue I have struggled with for a long time. For embedded content, there is always a scrollbar if the content is lengthy. I wish there weren’t and that it was embedded in its entirety.

Perhaps there could be an option to trigger a folded state of embedded content once it exceeds that length where currently a scrollbar is created. As a solution to my issue and perhaps yours as well, this “collapse” or unfold would simply expand the entire content of the embed. I am not against the headings within the embedded content being foldable on their own like in their source note, but see the main collapse functionality as being a button or arrow at the bottom and perhaps also the top of the embedded content with an appearance noticeably different than regular folding arrows.