Add option to automatically transclude the results of embedded query

Hard to understand why with so much positive feedback and well written examples this has not moved up the priority list.

In any case, my current manual work around is the following:

  1. Manually run a search, e.g. “#tag1
  2. Adjust order, e.g. "File name (A to Z)
  3. Click “Copy search results” button
  4. Choose link style “Wikilink” and list prefix “none”
  5. Copy results
  6. Paste in new note and add “!” to every line
  7. Repeat 1-6 whenever I want to update it

When the list starts to become long I simply delete the duplicate lines. then I only have to add “!” to the new lines.

I feel like all the core components are already there and a simple plugin could do those steps automatically whenever a note with such a setup is opened.

Maybe this manual approach is helpful for people where regex is not applicable.

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I am so glad I came across this thread! Could someone validate if this the right way to go about grabbing everything until the next heading?

(/(?<=^### Gratitude)[^]+(?=^#)/)

Thank you for sharing this great tip.

I’d like to know how to remove ‘### Gratitude’ from the results.
I think that it is unnecessary because I know it from the Heading "My Gratidue List. from your screenshot.