Add "Open with another app" option to the context menu and as a hotkey

Use case or problem

Right now, the context menu (when you right-click on a link) only has an option to open the linked file in the default application or view it in the system explorer. I often need to open a linked file (e.g. PDF, image file) in a non-default application. Could you please add a new option to the context menu to open the linked file in another application?

This option (to open the file in another app) is pretty standard in other note-taking apps (e.g. Zim Wiki, OneNote for Windows 10, etc.).

Proposed solution

Add “Open with another app” option to the context menu

Current workaround (optional)

The current workaround is inconvenient: First you have to use “Show in system explorer” option in the context menu. And then in Windows Explorer you can open the file in another application using its context menu.

Related feature requests (optional)

  1. Also, please, create the respective hotkey “Open in another app”.

  2. I also wonder if it would be possible to add some limited file management options that are normally part of the Windows Explorer´s context menu. For example, the ability to copy a linked file from within Obsidian would be handy if you want to email it quickly to someone else.


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