Add more search operators like "tag:" and "content:"

It’s great that we can search filenames only with “file:” or paths with “path:”, but it would be great to get additional operators like “content:” and “tag:” (and, I suppose, operators for any other parameters - date created, modified, hasbacklinks, etc…).


Does that need to be a requirement for attribute-based searches? :-x I think of tag:fancy as a way to limit results to files with that tag, not searching for where tags are inside of files.

I would love real tag-based filtering.

I’m not certain if this is on topic or off, but multimarkdown allows for a meta area at the top, so most of my files get a

tag: #tag1 #tag2 #tag3

at the top.

Definitely related - YAML headers is something I’d love to see in Obsidian. I’d use more tags with it, and the tag: (or any) search operator would make it more useful.

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For anyone subscribed here who is interested, this has been implemented in the latest insider build. But the filename and content results are now intermixed in the default search.

A new request has been opened for Separating Filename search results from Content results - feel free to lend your support there!