Add metadata to metadata

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to create a data structure that can house my Domains and their Levels. So I want to add metadata to my metadata.

Here’s what I have

[Domains:: [[Forge]](Level:: 2), [[Transmutation]](Level:: 1)]

How could I access a page’s Domains and how do I get their Levels?

You can’t build a compound object like that using inline fields currently. It can be done manually in the properties, but even then you can’t easily change it outside of the pure source editing.

In my opinion, the best way to do this currently is to use a list (or task) item as a limiter to the context, and define the fields within that list item.

It’s hard to build an example as I don’t understand your context and which part varies and so on.

Thank you for your answer this is what i wasn’t sure on.

I’m not fully understanding your use case, but I’m going to write out something (to prove how badly I’ve understood your use case :slight_smile: ). I’m imagening you’ve got multiple file where each file has a list of Domains, whatever that is, like the following:

- [D] [[Forge]] [level:: 1]
- [D] [[Transmutation]] [level:: 1]

Here you could style these domain tasks however you like, in my test vault they happen to look like this:

The advantage of doing markup like this is that now you could consider each task as indepedent of the other, and as such they could become the compound object you’re searching for. And we can now build a query like the following:

TABLE item.outlinks[0] as "Domain?", item.level as "Level"
FROM "ForumStuff/f73/f73323"
FLATTEN file.tasks as item
WHERE item.status = "D"
SORT string(item.outlinks[0]) ASC, item.level

With some random data the query above could return something like:

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