"Add METADATA" button in Live Preview (automatically add YAML header)

Use case or problem

YAML is incredibly useful for adding metadata to notes. However there are some quality of life improvements that could make this even more useful, user friendly, and discoverable.

Proposed solution

At the top of every note, while in Live Preview, there could be a button with a title like “Add METADATA”. Clicking this button would add a “METADATA” section to the top of the note just like we currently see when viewing in “Reading” mode. (The actual text of the file will be an empty YAML header like this:



Then in the “METADATA” section there would be a button for each metadata field with names like “Add aliases” and “Add tags”. When the user clicks the “Add tags” button it automatically adds in the corresponding YAML label tags: and the user just types in the tag they’d like to add.