Add menu "workspace list"

Use case or problem

There is no quick, one-click, way to switch workspaces.
Yea, I know about Workspaces Plus, but it’s not one-click and buggy.

Proposed solution


You could still cook something up from ingredients available from the community marketplace.


  • Advanced URI (to switch workspaces with)
  • URI commands (to initiate the switch from within Obsidian)


  • Commander plugin (for macros, if you need an extra command on top of the command you create with URI commands).
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Thanks a lot! Works very well. Almost what I want. But I don’t close the thread because it’s a workaround, not a universal solution.

Glad you got it working.
I was going to add that sometimes some plugin’s commands are not picked up (don’t remember which, maybe it was Apply Patterns and Editing Toolbar, on which you could pin your Workspace icons), then as a workaround you could incorporate the single command in a Commander macro.