Add "location" as Property

What I’m trying to do

I try to add geolocation to my Properties.
I am new to Obsidian. Maybe there is a better way to attach location to my notes.

I am travelling around the world so it is an important feature for me.

Things I have tried

I searched in the forum and I didn’t find something related.

Look for the “Map View” plugin. I use this one and find it to work very well. I believe there is another map plugin with different options as well that might work depending on your needs.


There’s also the Leaflet plugin, which has geolocation properties, interactive maps, etc., but I don’t know whether it supports real world maps since I think it was designed for TTRPGs to begin with.

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Thanks… I checked Map View and it seems really powerful. However I just need
when my daily note is opened, my coordinates at the time to be placed in the front matter, or as a link to a map in the main text of the note.

The developer of Map View has developed another app called Geo-Helper in order to provide Obsidian with the location (since Obsidian doesn’t have permissions), but I can’t make it work on my android phone and I have no laptop. I will open an issue in github to see if he can help.

I reach the point where Map View is “calling” the app in order to fetch the location but instead of the app, it takes me to the web version of it, on Chrome, that needs internet to work. I want this to work without internet…

If you have any other idea, feel free…
Thanks again for your time

So, I had the “calling” error because I hadn’t set it up correctly in the settings.

I finally managed to automate the whole process and achieve my initial goal to automatically add geolocation coordinates in the front matter.

I used the Map View plug in and the Geo Helper app that comes with it for feeding the current location and bypassing the Obsidian permission issues.

I created a macro using the QuickAdd plug in that

1st. Automatically creates my daily note using the Template that I have created and
2nd. Runs the Shell command GPS: add geolocation (front matter) to the current note.




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