Add “Links to this Page” panel with icon, title and links to bottom

Things I have tried

I’m completely new on Obsidian’s world and I searched in help docs how add LINKS TO THIS PAGE at the bottom of my notes, but couldn’t find anything. I only found only the possibility to enable “Backlinks in document” which is different as style at least.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to create a footer like: “” at the bottom of any notes like in screenshot

To replicate it, is need dataview?

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“Backlinks in document” is what you want. To change how it looks, use CSS snippets or change your whole theme. For help, search the forum or ask the very helpful, knowledgeable people in the Obsidian Discord’s #appearance channel.


I think that is a custom backlinks panel or something similar.
Is possible do that with custom Blockquotes and the result seems pretty identical.
It should be great if obsidian explains how they did it in the official website guide.

Sounds like a feature request! :slightly_smiling_face: