Add is-unresolved CSS selector to Obsidian Publish

Use case or problem

For some users, they will not be publishing their entire vault to the public for reasons such as privacy, sensitive information, etc.

That said, since not all links are navigatable in the public notes, this means that users will have to deal with a lot of broken links which is a bad user experience.

Proposed solution

The ideal solution is to have all “unresolved” links remove their anchor tags which would resolve everything. However, this is probably more engineering lift than it sounds.

After talking with Licat on Discord, the simplest solution is leveraging the existing CSS class of “is-unresolved” in publishing to allow authors the chance at customizing them in a way that would reduce user error.

Current workaround (optional)

Best workaround I could come up with at this point is to prefix any private notes with a certain convention so you could use CSS to detect the file, but this is unmaintainable at scale.