Add feature toggle to turn strip extra spaces in filenames back on

Use case or problem

Obsidian recently added a feature that preserves extra spaces in filenames. This is great for those users who desire that feature. It makes sense for those who create links then click to create files from those links.

However, for those of us who preferred the previous behavior this is a break for us and now requires us to spend time manually cleaning up any extra spaces we inadvertently introduce into file titles. When creating files first and then creating links to those files it is nice to have Obsidian strip the spaces that we may inadvertently pick up when copying text to paste in as the title, etc.

Speaking as a user, the UX feeling this generates is one of a reduction in trust in Obsidian’s ability to automatically handle whatever is thrown at it, because now I have to pause and watch every time I enter a note and interact with Obsidian instead of interacting with ideas.

Proposed solution

Provide a feature toggle in the Settings > Files & Links screen that allows us to toggle on or off the space-stripping behavior in filenames.

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