Add Dataview query as a tab in the right sidebar

What I’m trying to do

I think this technically falls under “Feature Request”, but for Dataview plugin, so i’m adding it under the Help section to see if its possible using Dataview.

I would like to add a query as a tab in the right sidebar of the obsidian.

My main intention behind this is to see a list of tasks in my vault at all times and use the Dataview query to do that, so that I can have control over it and customize the result in the way that I would like to.

I have used the “Checklist” plugin which sort of works the same way, but

  • I don’t want to keep manually adding a tag #todo whenever I want a new task to be listed in the “Checklist” plugin.
  • And, being able to use a Dataview query will allow me to add a filter to only show tasks from a particular folder if required or add any other customizations.

Is this possible right now?

Yes it’s already possible. You can place notes wherever you want. Just create a note with the dataview query and place that note in the sidebar.

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Note that it only works on desktop (notes can sometimes appear in a sidebar on mobile but it’s unclear how or why it happens — there’s a thread about it).


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