Add border to specified title

I want to add a border style for head 6 and what it contains

I want to replace admonition with it,

admonition is good, but there are several reasons why I don’t want to use it

  1. You need to enter codes such as ad-note `

  2. It is inconvenient to edit the contents

anyone know it?

i agree using admonition code block not a great writing experience. the standard obsidian callout (Use callouts - Obsidian Help) improves it a bit - do try if u r okay with that

adding a border to encapsulate the entire content under a specific header is tricky - i personally haven’t managed to do so. i only found a way using a bullet list

here’s my best rendition - the background under Metadata

thanks ,obsidian callout is fine
and it support markdown table

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