Add "Bookmark current search" Button to Search Panel

I saw in another FR this feature exists, but is not very intuitive as you have to know to go to the Star tab and see that it is paying attention to the search and gives you an option. Request is in the search tab view itself a simple button to save as Star. Thx.


Your request makes sense to me. I think it would be more intuitive if the "Star/unstar current search" appeared in the Search Panel, as well as in the Starred Panel, where it currently is.



I came to make this request after discovering accidentally that this saved search feature now exists.

One suggestion: there is a typo in your title (Start->Star). For clarity, perhaps even change the whole thing to “Add Saved Search Star Button to Search Tab”?

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Done, thanks for the suggestion!

Your version is even clearer than my suggestion, which is nonsensical in hindsight…

OMG. The way “Star current search” work now is SUPER HIDDEN. I would have never discovered that by myself. :smiley:


Just thought about this again… any progress in this regard? :relaxed:

This comment was actually super helpful! I assumed that “star current search” wasn’t even a thing, because I didn’t see it, but this caused me to dig deeper and track it down.

While the implementation is poor, this was a big need for me when coming over from Roam. Thanks!

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This is implemented in v1.2 with the bookmarks plugin



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