Add block automatically to reference note

I’m quite new in using Obsidian and I’m still trying to find a fitting workflow for me.
What I want to accomplish is the following:

Have a daily note “yyyy-mm-dd” where I write down stuff that happened that day and also paragraphs about certain topics, e.g. “TopicX”.
I know that there are backlinks, but I want to append the paragraph as block to TopicX under the heading of the daily note.

As an example, if I add a paragraph to my note 2022-04-26:

# 2022-04-26
Today was great!

- [[TopicX]]: I found a new feature!^topicxnewfeature
- Other stuff

Is there somehow a possibility to append only this first paragraph fully automated to my note TopicX?

# TopicX
This note is about TopicX


Also happy for any plugin suggestion or similar workflows like that :slight_smile:

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