Add another step to get back to original text to Cycle bullet/checkbox

Use case or problem

when using this feature, if you want to return to the original text, or if you want to transform a task line, to non task, another step would be needed.

edit: and same about ctrl+enter to toggle tasks
when at the same time toggle bullet list is doing it.

Proposed solution

add after completed task "- [x] text" a step to get back to "text".

then it will be a whole cycle: text → bullet → task uncheked → task checked → text

I kind of doubt this will happen. It used to be that way long ago.

There is a command Toggle bullet list, which you can assign to a hotkey to get rid of the bullet.

@rigmarole interesting answer
So toggle bullet list is doing bullets no bullets
ctrl+enter tasks unchecked/checked but not no tasks
and what I told before
I think there is a lack of consistency here
“It used to be that way long ago” you are too pessimistic :smile:
Obsidian is always improving itself, from user experience. I hope

I can imagine how you see that, but I disagree that this is inconsistent.

Toggle checkbox status only has 2 states. Checked or unchecked. It just so happens that if you run it on a line that isn’t a checkbox, it helpfully assumes you want a checkbox, and adds it for you.

It used to be a 4-way or 3-way toggle (as far as I remember. I might be wrong.), and was changed so that you can check/uncheck the boxes. And commands were added so you can still remove the bullet/task, or cycle from bullet to task.

Going back - to the way you suggest - would mean you’d have to cycle around to no-bullet, bullet, task unchecked just to uncheck a task. Yes it might be simpler with only one hotkey to memorize, but it’s a trade-off.

A full 4-way cycle toggle like you suggest could probably be created with a plugin. Or maybe this feature request will get a lot of votes, and a new (old) command will be added. (That would be great, I have no problem with that!)

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yes, I did an update there Pull requests · chrisgrieser/obsidian-smarter-md-hotkeys · GitHub to do a toggle on all headers in selected text at once. I must like toggling indeed :slight_smile: but I had the same reflexions about doing an add-on. Now I’m thinking the same add-on smarter md hkeys should have some code around this. But sooner I was wondering if there was some obsidian code. I have to watch in the list of add-ons. But sure, I have to try this. Not too difficult for me, I think.

ok I did it now I get to find how to deal with multicursors because I have just discovered that Obs. has this option

Projet sans titre

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I may be overthinking things, but what command/hotkey is being shown here? I can’t seem to figure it out.

the command I was speaking about is cycle bullet/checkbox
and in complement you can use “toggle bullet list” command (on ctrl+enter it’s ok, even if the shortcut appears to be used elsewhere)
so finally it’s doing what I needed with 2 commands.
with the first one you can toggle from nothing to checked box
and with the second one I can toggle bullet or checkbox to nothing so basically cancel the first operation.
It could have been in one command. Maybe I get back to this script later.